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Amstrad NC Software

BBC BASIC programs for the NC100 Notepad and NC200 Notebook computers

The first computer that I owned was the Amstrad NC100 Notepad, a Z80-powered laptop launched in 1992 which featured 64Kb of RAM and a 480 x 64 pixel monochome LCD screen. Its main attraction for me was its BBC BASIC interpreter, since I was already proficient at programming the BBC Micro computers at school.

The Amstrad NC100 Notepad and NC200 Notebook computers
The Amstrad NC100 Notepad and NC200 Notebook computers

On this page is a list of the software that I wrote for the NC100 and its successor, the NC200 Notebook, which had twice the memory and screen size of the NC100, and boasted an MS-DOS compatible 3½” floppy disk drive.

Click on a heading to visit the relevant download page on Tim’s Amstrad NC Users Site.


Plays Allegro from Sonata No. 3 by Antonio Vivaldi.

Analogue Clock

This clock is based on the one in the manual, but adapted to add chimes every 15 minutes and to eliminate flickering hands.

Book Finder

This simple database allows you to record details of books in your collection and search for a book.

Bouncing Balls

In this (unfinished) game you have to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible.

Card Compiler

Create your own business cards, complete with logos.

The main menu of Card Compiler
The main menu of Card Compiler

Draw 2000

A simple drawing tool, based on my software of the same name for the BBC Micro.

File Dump

Reads the contents of any file and displays it's exact contents on the screen, with no hidden codes.


A game where each player tries to complete a line of four squares on a 5x5 grid.

Help File Generator

Used to generate the help file for PCB CAD.

Keystroke Dymanics Password Recorder

Make your password harder to crack by recording not only the password but also the way that you type it.


A game in which you must build the pipework between the start and finish points before the water leaks out of the pipe.

Lift Simulator

A simple lift simulator with 12 floors.

Logic Gates Simulation System

Test out simple logic circuits using simulated logic gates.

Menu Master

An icon-based menu system for BBC BASIC which shows you which programs you have in memory.

Mouse Drivers

Experiements with using a serial mouse in BBC BASIC programs.

Moving Message Display System Editor

Allows you to write messages for my moving message display system and download them into its RAM.

Music Star

A database for your music collection.

The Music Star database
The Music Star database


A simple pattern similar to the Mystify screensaver in Microsoft Windows.

Neptune’s Caverns

A text-based adventure game in which you have to replace a plug in the seabed to stop all the water draining away.


The traditional solo card game.

Playing a game of Patience
Playing a game of Patience


A program for drawing Printed Circuit Board layouts, using a mouse to control the placement of objects.

Using PCB CAD to draw a PCB
Using PCB CAD to draw a PCB


A simple procedure to draw a circle.


A procedure to take one word from a sentence at a time.


A simple procedure to draw a rectangle.


A procedure to place a word into a list at the correct alphabetic position, taking all letters into account and ignoring punctuation.

Puzzle Pack

A set of four games — Hangman (word game), Four-in-a-Row (strategy game), Asteroids (math’s game) and Worm (skill game).

The main menu of Puzzle Pack
The main menu of Puzzle Pack

Resistor Colour Code

Work out the value of resistors from their colour bands.

Screen Capture

Capture the screen of a BASIC program.

Slide Puzzle

A numerical puzzle with a 4 x 4 grid filled with 15 movable pieces, leaving a gap into which you can slide an adjacent piece.


A version of the popular drawing program.