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If you have an interest in computing, website design, or engineering, you're sure to find something to catch your eye at Surtell.com.

Discover my Meccano, electronics and programming Projects, or browse my on-line website design Portfolio.

If you want to find out a little bit about me and the rest of my family, take a look at the Family section, where you'll also be able to explore our family tree.


Tim Surtell
November 2017

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Source Code Library

Handy Visual Basic and ASP code snippets to use in your own projects.

Electronic Circuits

Full descriptions, circuit diagrams,
and parts lists for a variety of circuits.

Meccano Models

Photos of my Chocolate Vending Machine and other models.

Free Software

Games and applications for the PC and Amstrad NC, featuring...

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Poker Patience
A solo card game.

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Website Presenter
Exhibits your websites.


For Netvibes, iGoogle, Windows Vista, and other widget platforms...

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Maplin Catalogue Search


New on Surtell.com...





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Clock Works

Discover the art of restoring clock dials with Jacqueline Grice.

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Buzz-wired for Sound

Add some extra appeal to the classic buzz-wire game with this electronics project.


Highlight it like Google!

Here's an ASP script to highlight search terms in your HTML documents.








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