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Shirley Windmill

A website for Croydon’s local heritage attraction

One of only four windmills open to the public in Greater London, Shirley Windmill was built in 1854 and is located in Croydon.

It ceased working in about 1890, but most of the original machinery is still in place and has recently been restored, so there is a lot for visitors to see when they attend one of the free open days that are held throughout the year.

Shirley Windmill
Shirley Windmill

Working in collaboration with Frank Paine, who is the Tour Co-ordinator at the Friends of Shirley Windmill, I created a website outlining the history of the mill and providing information for those wishing to visit it.

Frank’s beautiful line drawings feature prominently throughout the website:

A page from the website

Launched in July 2011 • Primary technology: ASP.Net