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Maplin Electronics Catalogue Search Widget

An UWA search widget for Maplin Electronics products

I wrote this article in 2007, so while you may find it interesting, please be aware that this widget is no longer available because its back-end database is no longer in operation.

This widget will give you a quick and easy way to search the Maplin Electronics catalogue. It is written for Netvibes UWA, which means it will also run on Windows Vista, iGoogle, and other widget platforms.

The Maplin Electronics catalogue search widget
The Maplin Electronics catalogue search widget

How it works

UWA widgets are created using standard HTML and JavaScript and make extensive use of AJAX. This widget uses AJAX to send the user’s search terms to an ASP page, where they are used to query a database of Maplin products — the same database in use on my Electronics in Meccano website.

The search results are returned to the widget in JSON format and are displayed using the Netvibes Pager control for a user-friendly way of moving through long lists of results.

Written on 17th December 2007 • Primary technologies: ASP, JavaScript, AJAX, Microsoft Access