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An inspirational showcase of Ikebana flower arrangements by ‘Kingfisher’

Being free of defined rules, Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) was devised to induce a sense of calm serenity during preparation as well as in the final arrangement.

Whilst in pursuit of this silent, mindful pleasure it is hoped the arranger will encounter moments of inspirational joy and enthusiasm, becoming so absorbed with their creation that the stresses of a busy lifestyle will be subdued.

One of Kingfisher’s Ikebana arrangements
One of Kingfisher’s Ikebana arrangements

Ikebana is accessible to everyone, including children, the disabled and the elderly (perhaps with assistance), and this website by ‘Kingfisher’ aims to inspire newcomers by featuring a spectacular showcase of arrangements along with some practical tips.

The simplicity of my website design, which will adapt to suit screens of every size, allows the arrangements to take centre stage, with navigation achieved via ‘continue’ links and an animated carousel.

Launched in July 2015 • Primary technology: JavaScript