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Tim's Projects

Here you'll find information about some of my endeavours in the fields of engineering and computing.

Some of the links will take you to articles on my other websites, where appropriate.

If you would like to know more about the websites that I run, take a look at my website design portfolio.

Free Software

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Poker Patience
A single-player card game to challenge and frustrate!

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Website Presenter
Show off your website at exhibitions the easy way.

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Amstrad NC Software
BBC BASIC programs for the NC100 and NC200.

Meccano Models

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Vending Machine
Offering a choice of three chocolates at 2p each!

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PCB Etchant Agitator
Speeds up etching during small-scale PCB production.

Electronic Circuits

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Moving Message Display
An LED display made from standard logic ICs.


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Maplin Catalogue Search
Search for Maplin Electronics products.

Other Stuff

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Doing the Accounts
Read about my ASP-based accounting system.

Featured project

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Buzz-wired for Sound

Everyone knows the classic 'wire and loop' game...

Give it some extra novelty appeal with this versatile electronics project.


Source Code Library

Formatting Functions
Three handy date and string formatting functions.

Google Highlighting
Highlight user search terms
in an HTML document.

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